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ED Backlight with OEM service
1) Various color and size
2) High luminous intensity&uniformity
3) Long lifespan
4) RoHS LED Guide plate 1. the backlight is widely used in many electrical display product.
2. The LED backlight source can be any color like red,yellow,green ,white.blue. etc.
3.The size is all designed by client's requirement. We can customize the suitable size product according to users' application
4.OEM/ODM service support
5.RoHS compliant and energy-saving
6.Good quality and reasonable in price

Feature of Acrylic

Material: 100% virgin Mitsubishi optic grade acrylic sheet
Working process: Cutting, Polishing, Laser engraving or laser dotting, Quality control, Packing etc
Size: Customization
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm etc
Customized shape: Square, rectangle, round, oval, circle, ring, triangle, etc.
Pattern: Dot pattern
Uniformity: >= 92%
Light efficiency: >= 85%
Dot precision: + / -0.01 mm


· Ad: light boxes, signs, signage, exhibition, etc.
· The lighting: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp, LED etc.
· Illuminated poster display box
· Retail POP and displays
· Interior Lighting
· Menu Boards
· Trade show booth design
· In-floor lighting


ItemUnitInspection StandardTest ResultsJudge
Surface Defects---Surface Smooth,theresould be no greater than 3 mm² scratches, spots Or other surface defects.CoincideQualified
Internal Defects---There should be no bubbles (3mm²),
Impurity, cracks or other deficiencies that may adversely effect the expected application performance of the sheet material
Tensite StrengthMPa≥7077Qualified
Tensile Fracture Strain%≥34.2Qualified
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityMPa≥30003387Qualified
Simply supported beam without notched impact strengthKJ/m²≥1735Qualified
Vicat Softening Point≥100108Qualified
Rockwell HardnessHRL≥9098Qualified
Heat Shring Ratio%≤2.52.0Qualified
Total Light Transmittance%≥9192.5Qualified
UV ProtectionYes≥..3Qualified