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As the biggest characteristic of PMMa the light transmittance can reach to 93%,which is far above other plastic sheet and ordinary inorgaric glass.

2.Weather reistance
With excellent weather resistance.XT Acrylic sheet can perfectly withstand the erosion of sunshine, wind snow and rain etc,It is the best choice to be applied into construction and outddor sign etc.

3.High impact resistance.
With wonderful high impact resistance, XT Acrylic sheet won't result in any fragments like inorganic glass even if broken.

4.Dye ability
XT Acrylic sheet can be freely modulated the color you expect. And good dye ability of PMMA makes it possible of bright and abundant colors.

Feature of Acrylic

1.Excellent transparency(for clear or transparent sheet)
2.Good mechanicl perfomance and Good electrical insulation
3.Stable and durable
4.Non-toxic,envie environment friendly.
5.Superior impact resistance. Crack resistance.
6.Superior weather resistance
7.UV light resistance
8.Chemical resistance
9.Stable color under outdoor exposure
10.Cast Acrylic sheet is suitable for engraving


· Architectural glazing
· Optical lenses
· Pediatric incubators
· Aquariums
· POP displays
· Hockey rinks
· Industrial and school glazing
· Skylights
· Furniture
· Outdoor signs


ItemUnitInspection StandardTest ResultsJudge
Surface Defects---Surface Smooth,theresould be no greater than 3 mm² scratches, spots Or other surface defects.CoincideQualified
Internal Defects---There should be no bubbles (3mm²),
Impurity, cracks or other deficiencies that may adversely effect the expected application performance of the sheet material
Tensite StrengthMPa≥7077Qualified
Tensile Fracture Strain%≥34.2Qualified
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityMPa≥30003387Qualified
Simply supported beam without notched impact strengthKJ/m²≥1735Qualified
Vicat Softening Point≥100108Qualified
Rockwell HardnessHRL≥9098Qualified
Heat Shring Ratio%≤2.52.0Qualified
Total Light Transmittance%≥9192.5Qualified
UV ProtectionYes≥..3Qualified